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The Novellas

Darkness at Sunset and Vine now online

The Way we Live Now at Sunset and Vine
It's 2016 and Nellie Gail, post-rebellion and occupation Los Angeles's favorite dystopian private eye, finds herself between several rocks and hard places while trying to turn down a series of jobs she wants nothing to do with.

The End of History at Sunset and Vine
Nellie Gail is once again juggling her day job and trying to fend off private eye jobs. This time she's got two to reject: one that is to protect Chelsea Clinton and the other to kill her.

The Project for the New American Century at Sunset and Vine
Trouble, in the form of the fleeing Bush family and their gold (formerly Hitler's gold), comes looking for Nellie Gail in Los Angeles.

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Updated: September 10, 2008

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