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The dreamboats at have an elegant way to give gift certificates to fund the website of a certain composer and author-type brunette and all her projects.

There's also PayPal, Amazon Honor System and Amazon Associates below.

Amazon Associates sends me a percent of everything you buy if you use the search box below or if you click on a link directly to the book or product, such as on the To Read list.

I take checks and love presents, too, please see the Contact page for that. 

I'm not sure why it took me so long to figure out that if I ask for a little money, somebody might give it to me. The music downloads represent the past twenty or so years of my life, but only the good parts, so I've no idea what to call that in dollars. I leave that to you, music lover, and hope you will be generous. If you would like to have a CD burned and mailed to you, please contact me with your selections and mailing information and send me $20.00 on PayPal, Amazon or a check to Ginger Mayerson (the address is here, scroll down, please). Thank you.

Thank you. 

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