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01/20/2003 Entry: "Monday, Monday"

From today's Horse
"On June 5, 2000, Matt Drudge in his cybercolumn The Drudge Report
attacked writer John Connolly and a book he was writing for Talk Books with the working title, The Insane Clown Posse."
Attack of the Wolves Weaslesearch.com 15 Jan 2003

As a description of Ken Starr and his thugs, yeah, Insane Clown Posse pretty much sums it up, dontcha think?

The death penalty
"Governor Ryan's action was shockingly wrong," Mr. Lieberman said in an interview on Friday. "It did terrible damage to the credibility of our system of justice, and particularly for the victims. It was obviously not a case-by-case review, and that's what our system is all about." From this NYT story, Absolutely, Positively for Capital Punishment. I feel linking to NYT stories is kind of futile, but there's the link anyway.

Joe Lieberman is a jerk and I want him to quit running for President, please. And Gray Davis just went down a peg in my esteem. But what does he care? He'll never become President, so he can do what he wants for the rest of his term. I tell ya, it's not easy being a California Girl sometimes.

Personally, I applaud Governor Ryan's courageous action and I don't see how anything could damage "the credibility of our system of justice" because in most capital cases, there isn't any. Where can there possibly be any credibility in barbarism and human sacrifice? I have sympathy for the relatives of victims of violent crime, but how is killing someone who might not have or probably didn't get a fair trial and has a better than average chance of being innocent, really make them, or any of us, feel better? I mean, for every innocent guy, and, sorry, mostly they are guys, on death row, the real killers are still out there. Shouldn't that be our real priority in all this? Actually convicting people who are actually guilty of violent crimes and should be removed from society in a non-lethal, reversible way just in case it is the wrong guy because these things do happen (and the way things are now, they happen far too often)? Right after trying to make a society where these things don't happen. Oh, sorry, slipped into utopia there for a moment, excuse me while I get back to reality or whatever this is.

Once I found him quaintly amusing, but now I just can't read James Lileks' drivel anymore. However, I'm still not spared because CalPundit, whose fact-packed and insightful blog I enjoy very much, mentioned that Lileks has eating calamari paired with tossing virgins into volcanoes in his tiny Lileks brain:

"He (Lileks) makes it sound like some strange tribal ritual unheard of in modern America. I mean, sure, he lives in the midwest and all, but surely they've at least got an Olive Garden or something he could try." CalPundit

It's not the midwest, Mr. Drum, I'm sure Chinese restaurants in the Midwest serve as much Kung Pau Squid as they do anywhere else in the U.S. No, it's the vast and empty spaces in Lileks' idea of the world. He seems to think he's the only one who's ever had any kind of experience of anything anywhere and then presents his amazing view of it is the only one in existence. Even I, who was raised in Mission Viejo, have not only eaten calamari in various preparations, I've cooked it.

When I lived in Monterey from 1979-81, I lived in an area called Spaghetti Hill, just up from the wharf. I'd been working on my cooking so I could catch a man (this later turned out to be a terrible mistake) and so bought some calamari off the back of a boat. Cleaning FOB calamari is a nightmare, don't do it, ink and eyeballs everywhere. The breading part went okay, but frying it was one of the most dangerous and painful things I've ever done in my kitchen. I mean, it was good when I sat down to eat it, but certainly not worth it. And then I won't even go into the clean-up part, so it wasn't worth it squared. Since then I stick to restaurant calamari, which is better than what I made and not nearly as draining. But I highly recommend it, wherever and however you can get it, it's great stuff.

But thank you, Mr. Drum, for bringing Lileks' latest silliness to my attention. I mean, I might as well have fun kicking James Lileks around until I don't have James Lileks to kick around anymore, no?

PS. If you plug "calamari" "restaurant" and "Minneapolis" into Google, you get a slew of restaurants, some of which sound pretty good, too, that serve this exotic delicacy.




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