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02/01/2003 Entry: "Blogging officially begins on the first day of the Year of the Goat or Black Sheep"

A very Happy Chinese New Year to all. Blogging officially begins today, first day of the Year of the Goat or Black Sheep. Just a coincidence that I picked this new moon, not really significant at all.

"Year 2003 is the year of Black Sheep, which contains Water, Fire, Earth and some Wood. Again, Water and Fire are incompatible as in 2002; Water and Earth are unfriendly. Fortunately, there is a little Wood inside the Sheep. When Water is fighting with Fire or Earth, Wood has a chance as the mediator between them. Also, 2002 Black Horse is a pair of male Fire and male Water; 2003 Black Sheep has a pair of female Fire and female Water. The conflict between males always comes stronger than the one between females. Therefore, the impact of the conflict between Fire and Water in 2003 is much lesser than in 2002. This means 2003 will be more peaceful than 2002 and year 2003 continues the Five Element cycle flow from 2002. Any unfinished business in 2002 will carry over to the next year until the fall of 2003." How well will you fare in the year of the Goat or Sheep?

Replies: 1 Comment

Hey cool! You've got a blog too. :) Happy new year as well. Love the content, of course. Only minor nitpick on the design (if you have any control over it) - can you make the links more visible? They're very close in color to the regular text and hard to pick out.

Smoochies from your erstwhile friend in Sweden! /erik

Posted by Erik @ 02/01/2003 11:10 AM PST




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