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03/12/2003 Entry: "Uncle Dan Savage sees the light (sort of)"


First CalPundit, now Dan Savage! Yay! Go team!

"Sitting in front of the television, watching the remains of the World Trade Center burn, I had been telling my fellow lefties that we no longer had a choice: We would have to invade the Middle East, depose absolutely everybody--the Taliban in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Saudi royals in Saudi Arabia--and start all over again. My position was rooted, I felt, in a lefty analysis of September 11: Our support for tyrants, dictators, and fascist monarchs created the anger and irrationality that led to the attacks. As Bob Kerrey wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "[I]t has been a terrible and tragic mistake for the U.S. to be in favor of freedom every place on earth except in Arab nations.'"

(As a student of the 1980s, I'd have to edit Kerry's phrase like this: "[I]t has been a terrible and tragic mistake for the U.S. to be in favor of freedom only in the developed nations of Europe and North America." Excuse me, Senator, with all due respect, you were in Vietnam [we were on the wrong side of history], you were around during Operation Condor [wrong side of history], you were around for the Most Favored Nation vote on China [WSOH], pre-Mandela South Africa [WSOH]. When and where in the Third World has the US ever supported Democracy, except Carter in South America?)

Hm, well, invading another country and killing it's citizens will only make us more enemies. Why that's not universally understood is a mystery to me. On the other hand, most of the US and the world seem to get it, so maybe someday Dan Savage will. I have no hope for the psycho blonde pundit he used to almost agree with.

I can only speak from my own experience in Central Asia, but here it is: As poor and oppressed as Kazakhstan was, every citizen I met there was proud or at least resigned to be a citizen because, well, they were stuck there and going to make the best of it. Had any country invaded to "give them a better life" they would have been perceived for what they were Invaders and been repelled or a serious attempt made. I'm surprised that Savage is not a little more worldly and unable to put himself in the countries and cultures he wants to invade and, um, improve. I mean, being gay ought to give him some insight into outside interference in a thriving whether Daddy approves or not culture. I do agree that the US has got to stop supporting bastards because they're "our bastard" (such as Manuel Noriega, for Christ's sake). But not even Saint Carter got that one 100% right.

"Osama's letter reminded me why I supported the war to remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, and why I support the coming war on Iraq. Or supported the coming war on Iraq. I'm officially against the war now--or against it for now, I should say--which may or may not please the peaceniks who've bothered to read this far."

I don't care why Savage is against the war now, I'm just delighted that he is. This "war" bush wants is such trumped up bullshit so he can be a "war prez", I don't care why anyone is against it, as long as they are.

"But, whatever, I'm against the war on Iraq now. Why? Because George W. Bush blew it. George W. Bush failed to make the case. George W. Bush wasn't able to convince NATO--NATO!--or the United Nations of the necessity of this necessary war. Now the Bush administration seems set on a course that may destroy NATO and the UN. I don't know about the Bushies, but I think a world without NATO and the UN will be more dangerous in the long run than a world without Saddam Hussein will be in the short run. So I'm against the war. Hey, when's the next peace march?"

Oh, I see, Big Daddy bush let you down. Sorry, Dan, sorry. Good thing we never elected the guy.

I still disagree that the US or any country has the right to invade another country that has not attacked them because they disapprove of the government or insist the invadee has WDM or cooties or whatever. That would give Canada and Mexico and most of the rest of the world license to invade the US and it's no secret that we have WDM, big ones, and cooties.

"The Islamo-fascists will succeed where the Bush administration has failed. Colin Powell couldn't bring France, Germany, and Russia to their senses, but the next wave of deadly terrorist attacks no doubt will. So we'll just have to wait until after New York or Paris or Seattle or Strasbourg is wiped off the map to do what must be done. Make no mistake, my fellow lefties: We, the West, will ultimately invade, occupy, and remake the Middle East. Unfortunately for future innocent victims of terrorist attacks, the United States can't do it alone, which means we can't do it now."

Of course he goes right off the rails here. How is this statement really any different than those nuts who said the US deserved 911? For God's sake, it's like demanding it will happen so he can be right. Be wrong, Dan, be strong and be wrong!* And how is Savage really any better or worse than the celebrity pundits that the Right has been demonizing, except that he used to agree with the Right? He might get some of that abuse now that he's switched sides, but the ditto monkeys will simply say you can't trust fag sex columnists in the first place.

Sorry, Dan, I love your column but your foreign policy thinking strikes me as, um, wacky and dangerous. Almost as bad as the bush junta, but they have WMD (and cooties) and you don't. So there.

Off to read your column. XXOO Ginger

*People get upset when I point out that the FBI warned Ashcroft not to fly commercial in the summer of 2001 because there was an increased risk of hijacking. My point always being that 911 probably could have been avoided had Clinton, Gore, Hart and others been heeded. Now, we can never know what the airlines and public might have done if the warning Ashcroft received had been made more widely known. So, because this upsets people, I'm not going to bring it up here.

Bracing for comments.

Posted by GM

Replies: 4 comments

Your comments dont upset me. My bumper is proudly adorned with a "Bush Knew" sticker from Buzzflash. The next time anybody asks me what it means I'll just refer them to your blog.

On an unrelated subject (maybe) you should check out the first review I've seen of Michael Weiner's MSNBC show in the right wing tabloid Boston Herald. Tues. Mar 12. Written by Monica Collins it says, " In fact he seemed scatterbrained and befuddled by the TV thing- calling for callers who weren't there, getting bamboozled by a crank caller, and endlessly throwing out topics that he never followed up. The show seemed ill conceived and a mess". Couldnt have said it better myself! And this from a FRIENDLY newspaper!

Posted by ozzy @ 03/13/2003 12:18 PM PST

Thanks, ozzy.

It doesn't surprise me that Savage, Schlessinger, Limbaugh don't do well on TV. Who said radio is the best vehicle for fascism? Goebbels?

Well, they do say this over at The Public Eye:

"Radio is another vehicle for education and recruitment into various sectors of the hard right. Generic right-wing scapegoating theories are broadcast daily on mainstream commercial AM and FM, with programs featuring Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, and G. Gordon Liddy, and scores of similar hosts. Much anti-government rhetoric flows back and forth on right-wing radio, and it helped create the mindset that led to the growth of the patriot and armed militia movements."

Oh and according to Media Whores Online, Cole Media Group, Sharper Image, Idea Village, Casual Male, Dell Computer Corporation, Procter & Gamble have dropped their ads on Savage's show. Bravo for them! Time to go shopping!

I will go look for that review and link if I can.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 03/13/2003 12:44 PM PST

A correction on the date of that Weiner review. It is Tues Mar. 11th. OOps.

Posted by ozzy @ 03/13/2003 01:20 PM PST

I did go to the Boston Hearld and look, but they want $ for that article so I gave it a miss. Thanks, though. Ginger

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 03/13/2003 01:25 PM PST




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