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03/26/2003 Entry: "The 'Palestinization' of Iraq"

"AMMAN - American tanks are now ripping at the heart of Mesopotamia, the "land between the rivers" and the cradle of civilization; the US 5th Corps is already engaging the Medina division of the Republican Guards as B52s increase their bombing raids of the "red line" in the outer ring of defenses of Baghdad, over which hangs a surreal, dust-induced dark orange cloud.

"For 280 million Arabs, the symbolic effect of the tanks in the country is as devastating as a lethal sandstorm. But Saddam Hussein seems to be one step ahead. It doesn't matter that Iraqi TV was silenced by a showering of Tomahawks (although domestic broadcasts, as well as the international signal, have been restored). Al-Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV will be on hand to record the ultimate image that Saddam knows is capable of igniting the Arab world into an ocean of fire: an American tank in the streets of Baghdad juxtaposed with an American tank in the streets of Gaza."
The 'Palestinization' of Iraq, By Pepe Escobar, March 26, 2003

Yet again, Pepe Escobar gets it right. As if anyone outside of Israel really cares about the Palestinians, except as useful martyrs. If I recall correctly the first thing the newly restored monarchy of the newly liberated Kuwait did was expel their Palestinian residents.

Asia Times has a blow by blow on the "war" with maps and everything, here.

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I like the used term of PALESTINIZATION (in “The palestinization of Iraq”) and would like to promote it as the word that can unite different people, in different countries and different cultures. In general, this term perfectly describes methods that are used to globalize this world on many platforms. However, we should find this term not only in a reference to the literal/brutal killings but also when analyzing a more subtle indoctrination of our minds by the corporate media in those supposedly very democratic/free countries. Only in this wide perspective people can understand better the common motives fueled by the extreme greed and arrogance that are substituting the empty space of egocentrism - without love and respect for others. This word came to my mind last year when I was trying to describe some very strange developments in my McGill University (Montreal, Canada) that is recognized as the best university (or almost) in this country. So, if even students, professors and the staff members in this very praised country can find elements of palestinization in their seemingly the cleanest environment, what much more worse can be “cooking” in another places.
Please have a look at a fragment of my open letter to the Board of Governors that is posted since November at my website http://www.spop.addr.com and exactly at:
I have a hope that the used definition for this term sounds quite universal:

“It is difficult to comment briefly on the whole complexity behind new policies introduced recently into McGill. Thus I would like to propose the new term PALESTINIZATION for the vocabulary of our modern, globalized world. It would better reflect the many secret social manipulations that are bound, sooner or later, to explode in our faces. Your highly respected BoG is the perfect platform for launching this new term. Few will need an elaborate explanation of it, given world events. The disrespect shown towards the lowest-ranking workers at McGill by senior administrators, with the encouragement of Mr. Shapiro’s letters, perfectly reflects the treatment of the poorest people by the most influential. At the same time, there is clear pressure from the local forces below Mr. Shapiro to keep everything secret and hidden from public opinion.
In our University, which reflects today's world, respect is reserved only for those with money and networked social positions.
Each day we have more people who want to impose their power to harm others without trial and with disdain for basic rights. "Palestinization" implies a deadly momentum, the logical conclusion of narrow-minded policies and arrogance.
In the case before us, Mr. Shapiro’s policies would have devastating repercussions on education and social assistance for the most needy in the future. Such policies are being formulated by “visionaries”, who fail to see that the poor are also in need of education and health services.
Mr. Shapiro's arrogance towards the lowest-ranking workers does not play in his favour. There is an obvious deflection away from the pertinent issues in the last, arrogant letter I received from him.
I am sure many people in the BoG understand my concerns and will act according to their conscience. I would like to be able to count on your help not only in solving the problems presented, but also in creating a platform to introduce some deeper changes. Your written response is welcomed.”

Let’s share our experiences of feeling to be Palestinized in many dimensions of our lives because only after this we can truly understand and help better for those suffering more in this world.
Slawomir Poplawski

Posted by Slawomir POPLAWSKI @ 03/27/2003 09:01 PM PST




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