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09/13/2005 Entry: "When you're down and out.."

The world still loves us. Glance at Int'l Aid Offers for Katrina. (via Mr. Dan Kelly)

Words. They fail me. Except that based on this list, we can all stop giving to the Red Cross. Here's another list of places where you can help out more directly.

How did we live before the internet? I wonder.

Just in case the Seattle PI decides to archive this:

_AUSTRIA: Offered tarps and camp beds.
_AZERBAIJAN: tarps, camp beds
_BAHAMAS: Pledged $50,000.
_BANGLADESH: Offered $1 million and said it would send 160 disaster management experts, including doctors, nurses, engineers and others.
_BELGIUM: Offered medical teams, generators, water pumps.
_BRITAIN: Sending 500,000 ration packs.
_CAMBODIA: The king donated $20,000 to match the $20,000 government donation.
_CANADA: $5 million pledged to relief fund; sending planes, three warships and coast guard vessel with supplies, helicopters, search and rescue and security teams.
_CHINA: Offered $5 million to aid survivors, 1,000 tents, 600 generators, bed sheets. Said it would help with medical care and epidemic prevention if needed.
_CUBA: Offered 1,100 doctors.
_CYPRUS: Offered $50,000.
_CZECH REPUBLIC: Ready to send rescue teams, field hospital and pumps and water processing equipment.
_DOMINICA: Offered police to monitor hard-hit areas.
_DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Offered rescue workers, doctors and nurses.
_DJIBOUTI: Offered $50,000.
_EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Pledged $500,000.
_EL SALVADOR: Offered soldiers to monitor disaster areas.
_FINLAND: Sent a 30-member rescue team and three Red Cross logistics experts. Offered 300 tents, a water purification unit, sterile gloves, bed sheets, pillow covers, tarps and first aid kits.
_FRANCE: Flying in tents, blankets, cots, medical kits, generators and other supplies. Offered aircraft, ships and helicopters.
_GABON: Offered $500,000.
_GERMANY: Sending emergency food rations and water pumps. Offered medical supplies, vaccination teams, water purification equipment, medical evacuation aircraft and crisis management experts.
_GREECE: Offered two cruise ships to help house homeless, relief supplies and rescue crews.
_GUYANA: Organizing a telethon to raise money for victims.
_HONDURAS: Offered 135 flooding and sanitation experts.
_HUNGARY: Pledged $5,000 and offered to send in five doctors.
_ICELAND: Offered $500,000.
_INDIA: Donated $5 million to American Red Cross. Sent tarps, blankets and hygiene kits.
_INDONESIA: Offered 45 doctors and 155 other medical staffers and 10,000 blankets.
_IRAQ: $1 million pledged to Red Cross via the Red Crescent.
_IRELAND: $1.2 million pledged.
_ISRAEL: Sending medical team. Offered hundreds of doctors, trauma experts and other medical staff as well as field hospitals and other relief.
_ITALY: Sent military transport plane with blankets, cots and bed supplies for 15,000 people, plus inflatable dinghies, water purifiers and first-aid kits.
_JAPAN: Contributing $200,000 to American Red Cross. Prepared to provide up to $300,000 worth of tents, blankets, generators, portable water tanks and other equipment.
_KENYA: Offered $100 million plus an additional $400 million in petroleum products.
_KOSOVO: $490,000 pledged.
_KUWAIT: Providing $500 million worth of oil and other aid.
_LATVIA: Offered a disaster relief team.
_LUXEMBOURG: Sending five aid experts, two jeeps and 1,000 camp beds and 2,000 blankets.
_MALAYSIA: Pledged $1 million to Red Cross.
_MALDIVES: Sending $25,000 to Red Cross.
_MAURITANIA: Promised $200,000 to Red Cross.
_MEXICO: $1 million. Offered two navy ships, 15 amphibious vehicles, two helicopters, 15 heavy trucks, health brigades and rescue teams. Sent 45 truckloads of supplies and two field kitchens.
_MONGOLIA: $50,000 pledged.
_NATO: Ferrying supplies.
_NETHERLANDS: Sent navy frigate with helicopters, medical supplies, boats and marines. Sent levee inspection team, water pumps.
_NEW ZEALAND: Pledged $1.4 million to Red Cross. Offered search specialists and victim identification team.
_NIGERIA: Pledged $1 million.
_NORWAY: Promised $1.54 million in cash and supplies.
_OMAN: Pledged $15 million.
_ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES: Donated $25,000 to American Red Cross.
_PAKISTAN: $1 million pledged to Red Cross, offered to send doctors and paramedics.
_PALAU: $50,000 pledged.
_PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Promised $10,000 to Red Cross.
_PERU: Offered medical team of 80 to 100 people.
_PHILIPPINES: Philippines Red Cross donating $25,000. Government offered to send 25-man relief team.
_PORTUGAL: Offering tents, mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits. Lending 2 percent of its strategic oil reserve, equivalent to 500,000 barrels of oil.
_QATAR: Offered $100 million.
_ROMANIA: Sending two teams of medical experts.
_RUSSIA: Sending three transport planes with generators, food, tents, blankets, drinking water and medical supplies.
_SAUDI ARABIA: Promised $5 million from Aramco, $250,000 from AGFUND.
_SINGAPORE: Sent three transport helicopters and 38 soldiers.
_SLOVAKIA: Promised blankets, beds, first aid kits.
_SOUTH KOREA: Donating $30 million in government and civilian assistance and sending search team and relief supplies.
_SPAIN: Sent 16 tons of supplies, including food rations, tents and blankets. Also contributing a naval ship to a

NATO-led operation.
_SRI LANKA: Pledged $25,000 to American Red Cross.
_SWEDEN: Sending plane stocked with water-treatment equipment, plastic jugs, water-purification experts. Offered aircraft to help distribute supplies.
_SWITZERLAND: Offering 40-50 tons worth of supplies, including large tents, wool blankets, hygiene kits. Offered to send four doctors, two water experts, one environmental expert.
_TAIWAN: Pledged $2 million, supplies.
_THAILAND: Dispatching at least 60 doctors and nurses along with rice.
_TURKEY: Promised $2.5 million in cash and aid.
_UGANDA: $200,000 pledged.
_UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: $100 million pledged.
_VENEZUELA: Offered 1 million barrels of gasoline, $5 million in cash, water purification plants, rescue volunteers and more than 50 tons of canned food and water. Venezuela's Citgo Petroleum Corp. pledged $1 million.
_VIETNAM: Pledged $100,000.
_YEMEN: $100,000 promised to Red Cross.




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