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01/13/2006 Entry: "Call for mini essays and artwork for And They Cook, Too"

Doctors Without Borders fundraiser blogger cookbook: And They Cook, Too

Call for mini essays and artwork:

Yes, really. At this time I'm seeking mini essays (300 - 1,000 words) on cooking, eating, kitchens, etc. and cartoons, graphics, doodles, drawings, calligraphy (okay, poetry, why not?), etc. to run around the recipes. Artwork should be no larger than 3.5"x3.5", be .jpg, .gif or .tif and look good in black and white. Everybody keeps their copyright and puts their blog addy on their work.

Sit tight on those recipes for the moment though, thanks.

Send essays and artwork to or for more information: [email protected]

Book should be available in pdf and at Lulu.com in early March or sooner. More details closer to the release date. All profits go to Doctors Without Borders.

Why? Because I was tapped out from Katrina giving when the Kashmir (Pakistan) earthquake hit and Doctors Without Borders are totally wonderful.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson

Replies: 3 comments

Since I suck at drawing and graphics, I'll be sitting tight on a couple of (easy, yet tasty) recipes for you.

Posted by CE Petro @ 01/17/2006 12:36 PM PST

I'm in the final stages (gasp!) of a cookbook titled The Seductive Chef...soon to be on the web. Great recipes and funny romantic scenarios to accompany each chapter ready by next Wednesday, I devoutly hope. I'll be happy to contribute recipes, and maybe even throw in one or two of the funny romantic scenarios. I'll let you know the minute we go live! Viva la Kitchen!
The Seductive Chef

Posted by The Seductive Chef @ 01/20/2006 07:18 AM PST

if you need recipes from turkey, I'd be happy to help you (I can send their pictures too)
good luck with your effort.

Posted by tijen @ 01/22/2006 12:53 PM PST




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