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Saturday, February 14, 2004

In our ongoing series of The Ginger Mayerson Fifty Films, here is 6/50:

Horse Soldiers
Have I ever talked about my John Wayne fetish? No? Huh.
John Wayne, William Holden, great moments on horseback. Yeah, the South still loses. Deal with it.
There is an interesting, to me, moment at the end when the Union surgeon (Holden) stays behind Confederate lines with the wounded and the Confederate forces ride up, actually they are chasing John Wayne and his guys. The Confederate surgeon tips his hat to Holden and says "May I be of service, Doctor?" or words to that effect.
War just isn't like that anymore. If it ever was.
Horse Soldiers, John Wayne, William Holden, and the Civil War.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:20 AM PST [Link]

"We expect politicians to place a positive spin on economic news, but to insist that things are going great when many people have personal experience to the contrary seems foolish. Mr. Bush's father lost the 1992 election in large part because he was perceived as being out of touch with the difficulties faced by ordinary Americans. Why is Mr. Bush - whose poll numbers are a bit worse than his father's were at this point in 1992 - running the risk of repeating his experience?"
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, by Paul Krugman, NY Times Op Ed, February 10, 2004

Out of touch? Honey, he's on another planet.

Hey, fine with me if he loses like his old man. I could use some decent history repeating for a change.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:20 AM PST [Link]

"I think itís time to take back Jesus from the anti-Semitic Christians," Boteach said. "Heís one of us."
Whodunit? Rabbi, messianic Jew debate the blame for Jesusí death, by Deborah Pardo, JTA, February 11, 2004

Amen to that!

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:15 AM PST [Link]

Friday, February 13, 2004

"...only now the straight boyz have moved into a post-modern fucking with the rules; they flirt back, and they tell you that you smell nice, and they tell you that you look good, and they feel your muscles, and do any number of other things that now have become their right and privilege whereas if I were to do any of those things under similiar circumstances I'd most likey get my head handed to me or otherwise; and if I think about it really hard it's almost like heterosexual privilege has gone and taken away the one powerful thing that gay boyz had, which was admitting a penchant for something that was considered taboo, only now straight boys are playing at doing it too, well, very often actually doing it too, if you must know; yet in the final analysis gay guys don't have that same equality as it were, there is something profoundly wrong about the whole thing on a purely intellectual level that I can't quite put my finger on but which annoys me no end..." Danny Drennan in the new Big Fag zine

I'll take Danny's word that this happens, since I'm not a gay guy and I don't get out much anyway. Does this happen to lesbians, too? Somehow I don't think it does. If a lesbian was flirting with a straight woman, would the repercussions be the same? Do lesbians worry about getting beaten up by gangs on drunken sorority girls? (OK, maybe they do worry about getting beaten up by their drunken boyfriends.) So I think I'd qualify his observation by saying it's not just heterosexual privilege, it's straight white guy privilege (because they're entitled to everything, you know).

BTW, go and buy a copy of Big Fag right now. It's well-made and interesting and it's a real paper zine, fer cryin' out loud! Only two bucks. Go. Now.

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 08:47 AM PST [Link]

In our ongoing series of The Ginger Mayerson Fifty Films, here is 5/50:

Escape From New York
There's so much chemistry between Snake Plisskin and Bob Hauk in the office scene, I'm still expecting one of them to crawl over Hauk's big, um, desk. No kidding. Oooh, and that last scene, yow!
Guns! Cleavage! Harry Dean Stanton is a genius! Isaac Hayes is a genius and REALLY scary! Oh, and Ernest Borgnine, I have no idea what he was doing in this film but, in addition to really needing a shave, he was cute and GREAT!
Yes, I know there's a comic book, but that would ruin it for me.
Escape From New York starring Snake + Bob 4evah

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:31 AM PST [Link]

"For those of you not within driving distance to a thriving abattoir, this film may be your only chance to delight in this many quarts of gushing blood, while still skirting criminal arraignment. As a Baptist, I don't often find myself promoting R-rated films, but I'm proud that I live in a country where witnessing two hours of bloody, barbarous torture in gloating detail is considered indicia of religious piety, whereas a mere second gazing upon a woman's breast is cause for outraged apoplexy."
Betty Bowers Reviews Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

You tell 'em, Betty. Makes about as much sense as anything else I've read about it.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:29 AM PST [Link]

Does this scare the bejezuzus out of anyone else?

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:26 AM PST [Link]

Thursday, February 12, 2004

In our ongoing series of The Ginger Mayerson Fifty Films, here is 4/50:

I don't care what anyone says, Rodney Dangerfield is hysterical. Always has been. Everyone, except the kids and the cheesecake, is a riot in this film.
Caddyshack sort of starring Rodney Dangerfield with Bill Murray, Chevy Chase (funnier than usual), Ted Knight, and some annoying kids and blonds.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 12:20 AM PST [Link]

"Speaking of which, is anyone actually surprised to find mad cow disease among us? I was amused to hear a television pundit conclude that mad cow is "not a political issue." What he meant was "not a partisan issue," in that R's and D's can be found on both sides of the efforts to prevent this very thing from happening.

"I assure you, this is profoundly political. Mad cow disease is exactly about how our political system is corrupted by special-interest money. It is also a perfect example of how greed leads directly to bone-headed stupidity.

"In 2001 and 2002, Democrats introduced amendments to increase and improve meat inspection; the Republicans and Democrats from cow states opposed them. Not only could the D's not get more appropriated for food safety -- in 2002, the administration held up $239 million that already had been appropriated.

"Of course we should have stopped using "downer" cows for meat. Of course we should be enforcing feed regulations. Of course we need to inspect more meat faster.

"So obvious, so self-evident, but you do know why things like this keep happening. The cattle industry wanted to protect its profits, even though downers are not a significant factor to begin with. Greed leads to stupidity, and stupidity leads to deep doo-doo.

"Nor is mad cow disease the only consequence of heavy meat and poultry contributions to the Republicans. (In the 2000 elections, corporate food production combines donated $59 million in both hard and soft money, 75 percent of it to Republicans.) See the chapter "Ready to Eat?" in my book Bushwhacked for the anatomy of a listeriosis outbreak that killed several people.

"As Lou Dubose and I conclude, if you must eat while Republicans control both the White House and Congress, you may want to consider becoming a vegetarian."
Beefing about what's in the news, by Molly Ivins, Star Telegram, January 8, 2004

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 12:20 AM PST [Link]

"When Bush took office, the national debt was $5.7 trillion, and his first budget proposed to reduce it by $2 trillion over the next decade. Today, the debt is $7 trillion.

"Last year, Bush predicted a deficit of $262 billion. According to the CBO, the deficit is currently $480 billion. Bush plans to cut biomedical research, health care, job training and veterans funding, and that still leaves a projected deficit of $450 billion.

"It is unclear to me why anyone would believe anything the president says about our fiscal situation. Keep in mind that this is a man who took three Texas oil companies into bankruptcy."
Our finances are in a state, by Molly Ivins, Star Telegram, January 22, 2004

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 12:19 AM PST [Link]

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

In our ongoing series of The Ginger Mayerson Fifty Films, here is 3/50:

Young Frankenstein
Definitely a desert island film. The best comedy ensemble ever.
Dr. Frankenstein: "Igor, help me with the bags."
Igor (ŗ la Groucho): "You take the blond and I'll take the one in the turban."
Okay, you had to be there.
Young Frankenstein, starring Gene Wilder (too much mascara, man), Teri Garr (funny and sexy), Marty Feldman (hysterical), Madeline Khan (hysterical), Cloris Leachman (hysterical squared), Peter Boyle (yes!), Kenneth Mars ("To the barricades!"), Gene Hackman ("But I was going to make cappuccino."). Directed by Mel Brooks and has original Frankenstein film laboratory set, honest, I read it somewhere.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:24 AM PST [Link]

"Birds do it.
"Bees do it.
"Even monkeys in the trees do it.
"Let's do it.
"Let's fall in love."
Let's Do It, by Cole Porter, from "Can Can" (I think).
Queer Penguins, Rittenhouse Review, February 7, 2004

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:23 AM PST [Link]

Colt mk. V revolvers: Trooper, KingCobra, Anaconda

Sigh. What is it about guns?

I really have to stop writing Nellie Gail stories.

"The United States' wild west was quite possibly the finest era that human civilization has ever produced. This period's glory can be attributed to one sole factor: an overabundance of firearms. Guns were all over the damn place back then, even Texas! The country was much better than it is now (except New Jersey, that's pretty much always been a shithole), and its gradual decline over the years is a direct result of our decision to use guns less and less in everyday life. I say it's time for us to examine the many ways that guns made the wild west a utopia, and to understand how they can help us to regain our former glory."
It's A Glock-Glock Life, Something Awful, February 7, 2004

Well, this explains everything!

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:15 AM PST [Link]

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Had Enough?
By James Carville
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2003)
ISBN: 0743255755

Reviewed by Lynn Loper

"You donít go to the supermarket to buy a car, and you donít go to Auto Row to get a can of pineapple. If you do, youíre just plain stupid. And if you go to James Carville for anything besides what he has to sell you, you wonít get it and you wonít deserve to. Carville isnít a political philosopher. He does what he does and he does it well." More

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 11:12 PM PST [Link]

"Wesley Clark, the novice politician with four-star military credentials, abandoned his presidential bid Tuesday after two third-place finishes in the South.

"The retired Army general will return to Little Rock, Ark., on Wednesday to announce his departure from the race, said campaign spokesman Matt Bennett. Clark will pledge to work closely with the Democratic Party to support the presidential nominee and other candidates across the country."
Clark abandons presidential race, by Ron Fournier, AP, February 10, 2004

Oh well, it was swell while it lasted.
We did have fun.
And no harm done.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:16 PM PST [Link]

"Alexander Korolev was declared the winner in the first rubber-sex-doll raft race on the Vuoksa River near St. Petersburg, Russia. The trophy was tainted because all participants were required to raft while sober.

Condomania, the Internet condom retailer, now offers 55 sizes of prophylactics. How do you know which is YOUR size? They have a special "measuring tool"--yes, that's the phrase they use--on the Internet. Please Windex your computer screen after using it."

I don't know about you, but I get all my news from Joe Bob Briggs. He's still really damn funny. Even if he did leave Ginger for Ann Coulter, the tramp.

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 12:33 PM PST [Link]

"It's your world. I'm just living in it." Dean Martin to Frank Sinatra on The Rat Pack Live at the Sands

Ain't it the truth. Thanks for loaning it to me, Andy. Who knew Poles were so obsessed with Dean Martin?

Posted by Laurel Sutton @ 11:01 AM PST [Link]

In our ongoing series of The Ginger Mayerson Fifty Films, here is 2/50:

The Westerner
I have this weird thing for Judge Roy Bean and will watch any film he's portrayed in. Lots and lots of chemistry between Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan in this one. And for those of us who grew up on "The Real McCoys", "Will Penny" and whatever other weird Walter Brennan on TV in the 60s I can't remember, Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean is an eye-opener. He's got that almost sexy, but crazy man thing going on, if you can imagine such a thing. Nearly eclipses Cooper in their scenes, if you can even imagine such a thing. The romance and freedom of the West lose out to stability and commerce in the end. It's inevitable, just accept it.
The Westerner, starring Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and some other people.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:29 AM PST [Link]

"Oh, here comes Artie-in-disguise-as-a-Jewish-tailor trying to postpone the wedding by pretending Paulís bridegroom suit doesnít fit. 'You gonna bring shame to the neighborhood wearing a suit a gorrrrrilla could fit in!?' Artie says in a perfect Yiddish accent. My theory is that RM is working through some private demons here; Iíve seen old 'TV Guide' articles where he frets over being born in Poland and growing up in a non-English-speaking home. This role permits Ross to ridicule his upbringing at the same time as he celebrates it. (Something of the same thing used to happen in my hometown of Coal Shute, Tennessee; for Halloween, weíd often dress as . . . hillbillies! My Midwestern husband always heehaws at this, but it was our way of dealing with the stereotype.)"
WWW Ep Guide: The Night of the Vicious Valentine, Miss Sunbeam, The Only Episode Guide You'll Ever Need, February 6, 2004

You might have thought you were watching the Wild Wild West all these years, but you were just barely skimming the surface of it.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:27 AM PST [Link]

"Saying mad cow disease is 'indigenous in North America,' an international panel advising the U.S. Agriculture Department has recommended a ban on feeding all animal protein to cattle.

"The panel of veterinary experts from Britain, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States also recommended testing many more cattle, adopting rapid European tests and removing from the human food supply all brains, spinal columns and intestines of cattle more than a year old."
Bar all animal protein for cattle, panel urges, by Donald G. McNeil Jr. and Denise Grady, The International Herald Tribune, February 5, 2004

Mad Cow is making me mad at the USDA.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:24 AM PST [Link]

Monday, February 9, 2004

In honor of the 50 guy films. Laurel wants to know WHY these are GUY films. Now, this is a damn good question and any thoughts on it are welcome. These are just fifty good films and should not be hogged by GUYS or ANYONE.

Anyway, in no particular order, here is 1/of my Fifty Films For Ginger Mayerson:

The Plainsman
As far as I'm concerned, Jean Arthur as Calamity Jane is a role model for any young woman of any era. Every girl child should be guided to this film between the ages of nine and thirteen. No one has to explain it to her; she'll get it on her own. Oh and Gary Cooper as Wild Bill Hickok is to melt all over your couch for a good example of an upstanding man standing against whatever it is. He dies at the end and this is why you should NEVER play poker with your back to the room. Especially if your enemies are weasely enough to shoot you in the back. In between Calamity Jane driving a huge team of horses into town, wielding a whip like nobody's business, to the shooting at the end, there's horses, chases, torture, shooting, romance, cross-dressing, drinking, and general frontier type carrying on. Native Americans get the usual Hollywood shafting of that era, but it was that era. Cecil B. DeMille directed this, so it really has very little to do with the West, but does has some great epic stuff in it.
The Plainsman starring Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper, Gary Cooper, and some other people.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:29 AM PST [Link]

Considering I just wrote two big essays on this very subject, I find this rather disturbing. I'm not sure I want to be 10 years ahead of the curve on this one:

"It's my sincere belief that in ten years entire cottage industries will exist that do nothing but analyze the psychology behind horrible webcomics."

And just in case Lynn Loper happens to fall by:

"Citizens of Delaware have long believed that their state is quite possibly the most frequently forgotten state in the union and would like to do something to change this. Since 1987 a growing movement within Delaware has advocated changing the state's name from "Delaware" to "Aadelaware" so that it appears first in alphabetical lists of US states. Even worse, of the mere 8% of the population that can remember that Delaware actually exists, only 14% know that the state's capital is Dover. To rectify this problem the state's capital will be relocated to the tiny timber hamlet of Fucking Awesome in the north east corner of Aadelaware."

And then this:

"Retired General Wesley Clark has fallen sharply in Arizona polls since he announced early last week that Mercury's surface temperature precludes any possible life. In a gaffe that was replayed incessantly, Clark was confronted by several dozen Bomb Mercury Now advocates and replied 'are you people all crazy?! The surface temperature of Mercury is 350 degrees Celsius during the day and the planet has no atmosphere!' Since then a number of papers and prominent Arizonians have suggested links between Mercury's Supreme Leader Hank and General Clark and a joint study released by the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation indicated that it is almost twice as hot on Venus and life has flourished there."
Something Awful, February 2, 2004

There's no way I could make this up. Rather dated topic, but still worth a read.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:28 AM PST [Link]

"If you believe, after watching this ad by MoveOn.org, that CBS was wrong, that CBS should have allowed this ad, which shows children at work and says, in its closing frame, "Guess who's going to pay off President Bush's $1 trillion deficit?"--if you think CBS made a mistake, you have a right, as an American, to contact them. You can write to them at: CBS Television Network, 51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY, 10019, or you can call them: (212) 975-4321. Ask to talk to the corporate executive who decided this ad was too controversial for your family to see. Make certain they understand, as I feel and hope you feel, that America is ready for an ad which tells the truth, an ad which may be controversial in the eyes of one political party but certainly deserves to be aired so the public can finally decide what is right and what is wrong."
CBS: Don't Censor Ads The following is a transcript from Senator Durbin's speech on the Senate floor, 1/27/04.

Sigh. What is it gong to take to get the country back from the greedy, the imbecilic, and the insane? Booting bush from the White House is just one step in a looong pull ahead of us.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:28 AM PST [Link]

"Most worrisome to Republicans is Kerry's war hero image while, in the words of one prominent Bush supporter, 'our guy was drinking beer in Alabama.' Republicans are trying to negate Kerry's heroism with his postwar peace activism, but that approach is not working. In an interview with Kerry in New Hampshire, I asked if he ever regretted throwing away his medals. There was no regret, but he hastened to add: 'I threw away my ribbons, not my medals.'... On Friday, [WH spokes-hamster] Scott McClellan bridled at the thought of the president suffering a deficiency in credibility. But that in truth is the biggest problem he faces today." - - Boob Novak, traitor.
WTF is it now?, February 4, 2004

'I threw away my ribbons, not my medals.'

Can someone enlighten me on the significance of the difference?

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:20 AM PST [Link]

The Jackson family just can't catch a break

Halftime show ends on a revealing note, by Mike McDaniel, Houston Chronicle, February 2, 2004

Singers' boob sparks outrage in US, by Gary Younge, The Guardian, February 3, 2004

What this country needs is a boob flashing fad. That, and thirty-five cent lattť, would do us a world of good.

I know, I'm way behind on blogging this one, sorry.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:17 AM PST [Link]

Sunday, February 8, 2004

"Ralph Peters wrote this article about Poland's general support of liberty, the fact that they've been near the head of the pack in the coalition, and how we're pretty much screwing them over.

"'While the establishment media agonize over the fickle moods of Paris and Berlin, there's little mention in the press of the superb contribution made by our Polish allies - at great cost to their own country.

"'In the words of an American officer who works closely with them, "Poland has taken to the Iraq mission for idealistic and principled purposes: Its leadership and military truly believe that freedom and justice are universal values worth fighting for."


"'Like the Czech Republic, which sent a few medics to the Persian Gulf then withdrew them in panic, Poland will get a standard package of $12 million for NATO-related programs. Other than some logistical support in Iraq, that's it. Strategic peanuts for our most enthusiastic ally on the European continent.

"'Poland did have one request - a humble one, in the great scheme of things. Warsaw asked for $47 million to modernize six used, American-built C-130 transport aircraft and to purchase American-built HMMWV all-terrain vehicles so elite Polish units could better integrate operations with American forces. Much of the money would go right back to U.S. factories and workers.

"Our response? We stiffed them."
Why do we do things like this? December 27, 2003, MurdocOnline.net

Has more history than I can do right now.

Our Forgotten Allies, by Ralph Peters, New York Post, December 23, 2003

And Merry Christmas, Poland, too. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 10:02 AM PST [Link]

Flexible Display Screens Readied for Production. Roll 'Em, Fold 'Em, Stick 'Em in Your Pocket: Long-Envisioned Plastic Sheets Will Make E-Newspapers, E-Books a Reality, by Rick Weiss, Washington Post, February 2, 2004

No more newsprint on the fingers? Sign me up for one!

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 10:01 AM PST [Link]

"The idea is, duck while Kerry knocks out Clark and/or Edwards, show potential in the caucus states of Michigan, Washington, and Maine next weekend, then play for all the marbles in Wisconsin on February 17th. It is relatively friendly turf for Dean, it is the only contest on that date, and it is the last state of any size before the March 2nd Super Tuesday. If Dean can beat Kerry there, he will bring in buckets of cash to spend on the March 2nd Super Tuesday. If he can't beat Kerry, he won't be any worse off than he is now.

"Of course, Dean's track record beating Kerry is rather... unimpressive, but given the hand he is playing right now, this seems like a good strategy. At least one of Clark and Edwards are likely to be out or marginalized after February 3rd or 10th, so Dean can go mano a mano with Kerry in Wisconsin. January has not been kind to Howard Dean - he finishes the month defeated and damaged. In Wisconsin, he will try to turn his Iowa debacle into the world's biggest political mulligan. If he can win in Wisconsin, he'll have momentum and money when it really counts, going into Super Tuesday. It probably won't work, but following the script would bring certain defeat for Dean."
Left Coaster, January 30, 2004

Just Dean watching.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:59 AM PST [Link]

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Updated: April 8, 2006

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