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Saturday, June 10, 2006

"The current social conservative effort to keep the new HPV vaccine from being required for all school age girls and young women is an act of aggression in the war against America's founding beliefs... a war in which poor and/or minority women being used as human shields during battle."


"Now treating cancer costs money, so no one in their right mind can argue that preventing the percent of cervical cancer cases that result from HPV infections violates the code of the fiscal conservative. Shit, they should be all over it!

"But the social conservative…now that is another story. The social conservative, having long been allied with the no sex in the classroom except to discuss not having sex argument, went into reflex mode on the HPV vaccine. They took to the airwaves to preach that this vaccine simply should not be given to 10 and 11 year old young women because it would create a false sense of sexual freedom. Lawd, they cried, it would encourage sex before marriage.

Yes, that is bullshit…but it also a curious glimpse into the future should we continue to bend to the will of social conservatism."


"Should one of the HIV vaccines reach FDA approval, do we not approve it for pre-teens... because it would probably be more affective before sexual activity too... because it might create a false sense of security?"


"How about... hmmm... oh, all the other sexually transmitted diseases? If we wake up tomorrow and all sexually transmitted diseases are suddenly and blessedly preventable through vaccination…will social conservatives fight against those vaccines too because the ability to fuck and not die/be made ill/risk your reproductive future threatens marriage?

"This, my brothers and sisters, is the unspoken battle cry of the social conservative. Death, pain and illness are their weapons and they seek to defend marriage between one man and one woman and thus fortify their theocratic stronghold."


"We are at war with a movement prepared to see us die rather than live outside of their strict moral code.

"And 'traditional marriage' is a front for theocratic control over our bodies, minds and lives.

"If it walks like it and talks like it call it what it fucking is...

War..., Shark Fu at Angry Black Bitch, June 9, 2006

We are at war with a movement prepared to see us die rather than live outside of their strict moral code.

Sad, but true, and it's high time we all faced it. Thanks, for saying it so well, Shark Fu.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:21 PM PST [Link]

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Keeping you up to the minute on the latest ukelele news:

Jake Shimabukuro plays "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on a ukelele in Central Park. (via Wood S Lot)

Hm, Mr. Shimabukuro has an amazing sound tech on this recording.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09:41 AM PST [Link]

"Project X Cup Noodle has such an unusual subject that it is worth checking out just to see a new twist on what manga can accomplish. The story, though mundane compared to most manga, is still inspirational. In 1971 these guys saved their jobs, turned around their company's fortunes, and created a product that is still enjoyed today. I still can't quite grasp the 8.2 billion figure (stacked up, would those containers reach the moon?) but I do know this manga was fun to read."
Project X Cup Noodle, review by Tom Good, J LHLS June 7, 2006

I must lead a very sheltered life; I didn't know there were nonfiction manga out there.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08:04 AM PST [Link]

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Amusing, but I already have enough reasons not to buy from Dell.

I love Snopes.com: this rumor is false, but interesting. Here's the original post:

"Looking further, I saw that the other end of the cable was connected to the integrated ethernet board.

"What could this mean? I called Dell tech support about it, and they said, and I quote, 'The intregrated service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost or misplaced personal information.' He then hung up.

"A little more research, and I found that that board spliced in between the keyboard and the ethernet chip is little more than a Keyghost hardware keylogger.

"The reasons Dell would put this in their laptops can only be left up to your imagination. It would be very impractical to hand-anylze the logs, and very CPU-intensive to do so on a computer for every person that purchased a dell laptop. Why are these keyloggers here? I recently almost found out.

"I called the police, as having a keylogger unknown to me in my laptop is a serious offense. They told me to call the Department of Homeland Security. At this point, I am in disbelief. Why would the DHS have a keylogger in my laptop? It was surreal."
http://ivlad.unixgods.net/lj/keylog/klog.htm, June 6, 2006


Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 10:23 AM PST [Link]

Monday, June 5, 2006

I am very embarassed to say that I didn't get today's Alien Loves Predator until someone in the comments pointed out that it's a play on one of my favorite Bugs and Daffy cartoons, Duck, Rabbit, Duck. How despicable.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 07:17 PM PST [Link]

Sunday, June 4, 2006

"WASHINGTON -- In his recent address to the nation on immigration, President Bush highlighted the patriotism of Guadalupe Denogean, a Mexican-born man who joined the Marines more than a quarter-century ago and got his wish for U.S. citizenship in 2003 after being seriously wounded in Iraq."


"'It's not just the guest worker,' said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, one of the staunchest opponents of relaxing immigration policy. 'Every person you permit in has brothers and sisters who are married to someone who has brothers and sisters who are married to someone. The figures are a bit mind-boggling if we don't act responsibly now.'"


"Denogean 'obviously has made a huge contribution to our country by serving us and protecting us,' Rohrabacher said. 'When it comes to the immigrants themselves, I have nothing but praise for 95 percent of them for being good people. However, my job is not to represent all the good people of the world. My job is to represent the interests of my district and the United States of America.'"

Could you dig that hole a little deeper, Dana?


"On becoming a citizen, Denogean registered as a Republican. In 2004, he voted to re-elect President Bush. And he continues to support the mission in Iraq."

Sigh. Congratulations on your citizenship anyway, Mr. Denogean. You're supporting the people who'd most like to destroy you, but, hey, this is America and you still have every right and freedom to do so.

Marine's path to citizenship lauded, criticized, Bush calls it a success story, but some say it shows how guest-worker plans bring in a host of relatives. By Margaret Talev -- Sacramento Bee Washington Bureau. Published 12:01 am PDT Sunday, June 4, 2006 (via Calitics)

Someday I will hear anti-immigration argument that doesn't have racism at the bottom of it. Do you ever hear these arguments about South Asian tech workers? Chinese Ph.D.s? Middle Eastern millionaires? Rupert Murdoch? I'd have blocked his citizenship in a nanosecond. I mean, unlike our poor Southern neighbors, these people come to the U.S. and take the jobs our citizens want to do. It's not just skills and money, folks, it's culture. I was going to write skin color, but I chickened out. All the anti-immigration ranting I've heard is against brown people from Mexico and south of it; it's not protecting Dana's constituents, it's racism. Beyond ironic is our so-called Governor Schwarzenegger, a very high-profile beneficiary of America's immigration policies, sending our stressed-to-the max National Guard units, many of whom might have been born in Mexico, to the border to keep the brown people out. Careful, Ahnold, you're going to get an irony headache.

Oh, and because I'm a terrible person and the SacBee has an annoying registration requirement, you can read the whole damn thing if you click on [Link] from the main blog page. Otherwise, just scroll down.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 11:32 AM PST [Link]

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