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Our Mission: Get these novels published

This site is dedicated to getting the trio of novels, collectively known was "Dr. Hackenbush and her Orchestra", published. Those novels, "Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job"; "Dr. Hackenbush Gains Perspective", and; "Dr. Hackenbush Gets Around", cast a little light on the best and worst, but always scuffling to make ends meet, life of working class musicians, dancers, and artists in Los Angeles during the Reagan years.

The novels, set in 1988, 1984, and 1986 respectively, are about the trials and triumphs of Ms. Mabel Hackenbush, a singer who supplements her minimal income from music gigs by doing temporary secretary work in order to remain in or near the lower middle class. How she lives, who she knows, and the obscure Los Angeles she lives in during the Reagan administration form the backdrop of these stories, which center on the dilemma of life in the margins under economic duress and disapproval of the then reining conservative political ideology. They are the stories of people who work, pay taxes and merely wish to live decently and make art without giving their entire lives to their employers. These novels are not how-to manuals, but they do present a milieu where such living is difficult, but by no means impossible.

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