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The Novels

Dr. Hackenbush and her Orchestra

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job
Sexual Harassment and Class Warfare
Set in 1988, Mabel Hackenbush is between gigs, her baritone ukulele smashed, and her car in the shop, she is bravely temp secretarying her way to a kinder, gentler, not to mention, solvent life until she can get back to work as a jazz standards singer.

Dr. Hackenbush Gains Perspective
AIDS and Class Warfare
Set in 1984, Hackenbush's broken heart is on the mend as she assists the very roguish, but devastatingly charming, theater director, Monte Vista, in his last and greatest production.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets Around
Just Say No to Class Warfare
Set in 1986 and for once it's not Hackenbush, but those around her, who are working their way in and out of trouble in dark night of the Reagan administration.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Clue (Dr. Hackenbush and her Orchestra Mysteries)

Dr. Hackenbush Gets Nervous
Hackenbush takes an accounting job to help out her temp agency and ends up in the middle of money, drugs and an insurance company in the Westlake area of Los Angeles in 1987.

Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture
Hackenbush attends a party as moral support for artist Arlo Mega and finds there's more to the Los Angeles art scene in 1989 than ego, multiculturalism, too many copies, and wet paint.

The Novellas

Darkness at Sunset and Vine, a trilogy of Nellie Gail novellas, not Hackenbush, but not bad either.

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