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This list is a partial list of what I read to write the novels and keep my head in the 1980s. However, keeping my head in the 80s got less difficult as the 80s began to reconstitute themselves right before my very eyes with John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams, and Otto Reich getting high ranking jobs in the Bush junta. One Christmas Eve 1992 pardonee, okay, maybe; two of them make me start to twitch:

Lost History
By Robert Parry
ISBN: 1893517004

The Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery
By Martin Mayer
IBSN: 0020126204

Sleepwalking Through History
By Haynes Johnson
IBSN: 0385422598

The Deregulated Society
By Larry N. Gerston, Cynthia Fraleigh, and Robert Schwab
IBSN: 0534082084

Secrets of the Temple
By William Greider
IBSN: 0671675567

The Education of David Stockman and Other Americans
By William Greider
IBSN: 0525480102

And the Band Played on
By Randy Shilts
IBSN: 0312241356

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